Saturday, May 5, 2012

sometimes, you gotta make things happen

so, i was not chosen in the random lottery to run the nyc marathon.

and i was gutted. i had thought it was my destiny.

however, i started perusing the other option for getting into the race: running for charity.

i scrolled through lists on many cancer research charities and then saw the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research and thought, 'i would love to run for them.' my father's family has a history of parkinson's (even though most research concludes it is not a hereditary illness. shall we blame environmental factors?) i sent out a email registering my interest, was put on a waitlist and one week later, i was accepted to team fox.

maybe this was my destiny after all.

also, would you like to make a donation to the michael j. fox foundation? i have a $3000 fundraising commitment, but it is for a great cause.

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